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F. W. Winter Inc. & Co. products are used for a variety of applications and end-uses.

The Company serves the metal & alloy powder and lump market on a global basis. For additional information or to place an order, please contact us.


F. W. Winter Inc. & Co. offers a variety of metal and alloy powders for use in the manufacture of welding electrodes. Welding is an integral part of fabrication, repair and upkeep of a variety of industrial equipment and consumer products. It is one of the most prevalent operations in the manufacturing sector covering a wide-spectrum of industries.

The powders offered by the Company for this application include: chromium, low-carbon ferro-chromium, high carbon ferro-chromium, and a whole range of special alloys powders. The Company has also actively pursued the development of new alloy compositions tailored for this application. Typical powder sizes for welding application include: 40x325 mesh, 50x325 mesh, 60x325 mesh, 80 mesh x D, 100 mesh x D, 140 mesh x D, and 120 mesh x D.

Over the years, Winter has a established an excellent reputation within the Welding Industry as a supplier of superior, high-quality, and consistent powders. It is well recognized for its outstanding customer service and technical support.


F. W. Winter Inc. & Co. offers a variety of metal and alloy powders for use in the production of hard-faced overlay steel plates and pipes. Wear-resistant overlay steels are used in a range of material handling equipment like elevators, hoppers, dump bins, oil pipe-lines, valves, etc. for different industrial applications.

Powders offered by the Company for this application include: high-carbon ferro-chromium and a range of special alloys powders. In general, coarser powders, 20x230 mesh or 20 mesh x D, are used for this application.

Winter has a very well established reputation within the hard-facing industry as a supplier of high-quality and consistent powders which provide a superior wear-resistant overlay.


Chromium powder is used for the manufacture of Cr-Al compacts which are used as melt-additions to alloy aluminum with chromium. Chromium in aluminum alloys acts as a grain-refiner and an alloy-hardener. F. W. Winter Inc. & Co. both sells chromium powder and toll-processes chromium lump into powder for this market segment. A range of chromium powder sizes can used for this application.


F. W. Winter Inc. & Co. offers a wide range of lump and specially-sized metals and alloys which are suitable for melting applications. These metals and alloys are added to a molten melt to control and modify the alloy content of the material being produced.

The Company offers chromium, low-carbon ferro-chromium, high carbon ferro-chromium, and a whole range of special alloys for melting applications in different industry segments including: steel making, ferrous foundries, non-ferrous foundries, stainless steel, super-alloys, and other specialized melting operations. The Company offers these products both as lump material, ╝ inch x D, and 8M x D powders.

Further, during the manufacture of steel, trim alloying additions can be made to steel melts using cored injection-wires. The core of the injection-wire is filled with a metal or alloy powder. F. W. Winter Inc. & Co. supplies various metal and alloy powders to the injection-wire producers. Typically, a coarse powder 14 mesh x D is suitable for this specific application.


F. W. Winter Inc. & Co. offers certain metal and alloy powders as fine powders to be used as additives for the powder metallurgy and metal injection molding industries. These powders typically have a median size of 7-10 Ám or 2-5 Ám. As an example, the Company offers electrolytic chromium, ferro-phosphorous, ferro-molybdenum, and ferro-titanium-boron powders for such applications. The Company also offers these and other alloys as 325 mesh x D fine powders.

Such fine powders are also used in variety of specialized applications. As an example, the Winter 325 mesh x D electrolytic chromium powder is used for the coating of turbine components. Other customers mix these fine powders with polymers for the manufacture of metal-plastic composites with unique properties.


F. W. Winter Inc. & Co.'s ability to customize powders for customer applications allows for its products to be used in unique and exciting applications.

Some examples of specialized applications include: high-purity grade of electrolytic chromium powder for sputtering targets and special size cuts of chromium carbide powders for thermal spraying applications.

The Company's technical and design team allows it to work closely with customers on joint development project to create new applications for its existing products, new products for existing applications, and also new products for new applications.



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